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Luxury Massage

Custom massage, to balance your body and mind.


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What our clients say

Cyndi Rai is unlike any massage therapist I have every experienced. I have always looked for the ones who could work my muscles the deepest, never imagining there was another way. Cyndi provides an entirely unique experience of being nurtured. She is fully present and in tune every moment of the massage. Cyndi possess boundless love, gentleness and beautiful energy which she is exceedingly adept at imparting to each client. In all of my years of receiving massage, I have never truly experienced such a level of tranquility that feeds and heals the soul.

Melinda M.

The stars aligned and I was able to get a same day appt with CyndiRai. My body was all out of whack from a few long motorcycle rides. I had 90 minutes of blissful massage and energy work with her. I felt amazing afterwards.  (So good I booked my dad a massage for later in the week). The best part is that two days later (and another two long rides) my body still feels good. Thank you CyndiRai! You have an amazing gift!

Indra T.

Cyndi is awesome!! I went in with stuffy allergy sinuses (read: I was miserable and couldn’t breathe) for a reflexology appointment and scheduled a 90 minute massage for the following week before I left. Cyndi’s touch and intuition is wonderful. I was able to breathe after that first appointment! And the full body massage with reflexology was even better.

Aimee M.

About Cyndi

Cyndi has had a lifelong interest in natural health care which grew substantially with Bradley Childbirth classes in 1997, followed by completing Dr. Christopher's Nutritional Herbology course in 1999. Since then, she has continued to study, learn, and practice how to live a healthy life. Cyndi spent 2010 focusing on Muscle Testing (Applied Kinesiology), Energy Work, Emotional Freedom Technique, Herbal Medicine, Essential Oils, Nutrition, Homeopathy, and Flower Essences. Next, Cyndi studied at the Intermountain College of Natural Health to develop her practice in Naprapathic Massage, Spinal Touch, Auricular Therapy, Nutrition, Chinese Meridian work, Cranial Sacral, and Essential Oils.

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