What is a Reflexology?

Every cell and organ of the body has a signal on the feet. By triggering these signals SureFooted Renewal reconnects the body with its own blueprint, jumpstarting the body to heal itself – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The process of working on the feet is called Renewing and a person who performs Renews is a Renewist.

Reflexology is a precise and highly refined method designed to rejuvenate, balance and energize the entire body.

How Does Renewing Work?

Every cell and organ of the body has a signal on the feet, much like those on the keyboard or touchpad of a computer. We can access any program on a computer through the keyboard, analyze it, make corrections and save it.

In the same way, we can use the signals on the feet to assess, renew and save corrections to the physical, mental and emotional parts of the body and bring them back into alignment with the body’s original blueprint.

Often the blueprint becomes obscured, covered over, or even disconnected by poor nutrition, abuse, accident, illness, mental or emotional trauma; in short, by life.

Because the blueprint is perfect, your body knows how to create a perfect body.

By bringing the physical, mental and emotional parts of the body back into alignment with the blueprint, Renewing allows the body to recognize what it needs to do in order to heal itself.

Everyone has the potential to heal, given the proper nutrients, environment and circumstances.

Reflexology Session–A 60 minute reflexology session is done while the client relaxes fully clothes, or in a spa robe, in the leather zero gravity chair. Cyndi Rai works points on the face, ears, hands, and feet, finishing with a foot scrub and moisture treatment.

Where did Renewing Originate?
Ancient Practices
The concept is not new. In fact, pictographs of ancient cultures in the Orient, Egypt, and Assyria suggest that these people were aware of the signal system on the feet and may have used it for comfort and healing.

Modern Practices
Modern applications began in the early 1900’s with a group of medical doctors in the Eastern United States: Dr. William Fitzgerald, Dr. Edwin Bowers and Dr. Joseph Riley. You may be familiar with Reflexology, Zone Therapy, FootZonology, or Foot Zoning, which are recent applications and are still practiced today.

Current, State-of-the-Art
SureFooted Renewal is the most current, updated method available. It was introduced in 2008 by Claudia Goodman. Innovative research, broad experience, sophisticated technology and cutting-edge implementation have been combined with time-tested patterns to create a highly advanced and truly unique application.

Clients consistently report that SureFooted Renewal is more gentle than other methods; yet it goes deeper and resolves more issues. Treatments also hold longer and give better balance without side effects.

How is Renewing Done?
The Renewist uses only her hands. No other tools are involved in the process. Cyndi Rai incorporates reflexology into each massage with extra focus on the feet.

How often should I be Renewed?
Frequency varies widely with clients. Ideally, Renewing should be done once every week or two. It can be done more often in times of crisis and less often in times of optimum health.

Your Renewist can help you assess your needs. Whatever you decide, you will feel long-term benefits from every Renew.

60 minutes 75.00
30 minutes 45.00 (feet only)
Reflexology points on your face, ears, hands, and feet are expertly worked while you relax in the zero gravity chair (fully clothed or in a robe). Finishes with a refreshing Peppermint Foot Treatment.

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